About US

With a mission to facilitate business development and growth, SACCham offers a platform for networking, advocacy, and knowledge sharing. The organization serves as a bridge between its members and governments, multilateral agencies, and other stakeholders, providing opportunities for business leaders to engage in constructive dialogue and find solutions to common challenges.

Why Choose Us


SACCham has a long-standing history of promoting trade and economic growth in South America and the Caribbean. Our organization has a wealth of experience in facilitating business development, providing market intelligence, and advocating for the needs of our members.

Broad Membership Base

SACCham represents a diverse range of businesses, including manufacturers, service providers, exporters, importers, and investors. Our members come from various industries, making us an ideal platform for networking and knowledge sharing.

Access to Business Intelligence

SACCham provides members with access to critical market intelligence, including trade statistics, sector-specific research, and economic trends. This information helps members make informed decisions, find new markets, and stay competitive.

Trade Promotion Initiatives

SACCham organizes trade missions, participates in trade shows, and offers targeted trade promotion initiatives to help members increase their visibility and expand their businesses. These initiatives are designed to connect members with potential partners and customers, and to help them navigate new markets.

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