SACCham Objectives

  • Promoting and facilitating international economic activities.
    Obtaining and providing information on the various trading blocs as well as from the individual countries per treaty cluster.

  • The initiation of economic missions between the different trading blocs, to be regarded as treaty clusters.Promoting the movement of persons and economic arrangements between the treaty clusters.
  • The exchange of knowledge, technology, science, culture and all other social facets that form the foundation for economic growth.

  • To promote economic acceleration in developing countries in conjunction with developed countries, on the basis of equal partnership

  • Mediating and raising financial resources and other incentives for start-up, expansion and replacement investments, temporary and sustainable economic projects.

  • Representing the economic interests of all stakeholders.

  • Stimulating production and industry with spin-offs to all other sectors, as well as promoting interaction between sectors.

  • Managing registers of its stakeholders, economic activities in general, nationally and internationally.

  • The following can be regarded as stakeholders: Natural persons, legal entities, interest groups, associations and other representative bodies, both nationally and internationally, based on economic activities, whether or not with a profit objective.
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