About Us

SACCham is an initiative of the Suriname Chamber of Commerce & Industry Caribbean Community and South American Continent. Although its nature is an Non-Profit Non-Governmental Organization, it is established as an LTD to comply to the possible registry requirements of the Trade Register.
As countries in development strive to reach at least the development level of higher developed countries, learning, interacting, and collaborating are key elements to reach this goal.
Suriname has the privilege to be part of both the Caribbean Continent and the South American Continent. It is a proud member of both the Caricom and Unasur, now Prosur.

Our Services

At the South American - Caribbean Chamber of Commerce & Industry, we are committed to fostering economic growth and promoting international trade between south America and the Caribbean.


Are you looking to expand your business

If you are looking to expand your business and tap into the vast potential of the South American and Caribbean markets, then the South American – Caribbean Chamber of Commerce & Industry is the right organization to turn to.

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